Best Reads of the Week

These five stories got me thinking this week:

1. Stop dreaming about big ideas and focus on good execution tells entrepreneurs and startups to focus more on good execution, rather than hunting for that one „Big Idea“. Sure, a good idea is important, but the real business success often comes from hard work, risk-taking and developing a product or solution that creates real value for customers. The author names Instagram, Google, McDonalds & Starbucks as good examples.

2. Consumers move faster than Advertisers

The graph below tells you where Americans direct their attention (in BLUE) and where advertisers pay money to capture their attention (in RED).

  • Takeaway #1: We still love TV.
  • Takeaway #2: Advertisers still love print.
  • Takeaway #3: Audiences move faster than advertisers.

The Graph is taken from KPCB’s 2012  Internet Trends Report.

3. Mc Donald’s is in the mobile fast lane

In the last 12 months McDonalds has integrated mobile Advertising, mobile CRM, augmented reality and mobile apps into a solid 360 degrees mobile strategy. Read more on how the burger chain is leading the way in mobile strategy adoption in a good piece over at Mobilemarketer.

4. 65% of Europeans are now Online

IAB Europe published new stats about internet usage across 28 european countries. Here are the key findings:

  • 65% of Europeans are now online
  • 37% access the internet using more than one device
  • Europeans are using the web and watching TV simultaneously to complement their viewing experience
  • The internet has become an essential way for brands to engage with consumers with 4 in 10 European internet users agreeing that the way a brand communicates online is important
  • 96% of European internet users research online for purchases and 87% shop online
  • Northern Europeans lead in mobile web usage

Via The Next Web.

5. Digital Music spendings overtook sales of CDs & Records

As NME is reporting, the amount of money made from digital music sales has overtaken the sale of CDs and records for the first time, according to figures from music industry trade body BPI. As digital music is becoming the new main music market, it also becomes the new playfield for brands and their marketing. I wrote a blogpost about this called: Why the new Music Web is the perfect API for building brand connections.

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