Best Reads of the Week: Why we need a fundamentally new way to create brands

1. CEO of Ad Agency CP+B: We need a new way to create a Brand

Andrew Keller, the CEO of US Ad Agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky shares his thoughts on how Advertising Agencies need to find a fundamentally new way to create brands in the age of social.

As he points out there has been a lot of talk about social media and the social web, but the important questions and challenges are not in the „social silo“, as many marketers think of social today.

The important part is how it’s changing our brains and the way we interact with brands and our expectations of these brands. So as we move forward, we’re going to be talking more and more about moving social to the core of what we do. And, we don’t mean a different media approach. We need a fundamentally different way to create a brand: the way it talks, behaves and thinks...

Via @fasctcocreate

2. The Web is now about what People want – not what they need

[caption id="attachment_673" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Maslow Pyramid for the Web Maslow Pyramid for the Web by Keval Desai[/caption]

Tech investor Keval Desai argues that after Facebook’s IPO a new web era has started to dawn. The era of WANTS. In this new era, people’s main motivation to use the web is not to satisfy their needs, but to be entertained and discover things, they didn’t even know they have a desire for.

I shared a couple of first thoughts on how brands can get ready for the web of WANTS, in one of this week's blog posts.

3. Six Trends from this year's Cannes Lions Festival

Adverblog has put together a good list of those digital advertising trends that are  rocking this year's international avdertising festival in Cannes.

  • Post Digital: Online and Offline are finally becoming one
  • Creative Technology: Great ideas fueled by smart technology
  • The Tropicana Effect: Agency create Stunts with YouTube Diffusion in mind
  • Real-Time & Reactive: Smart advertising reacts to people and happenings in real-time
  • Programmes, not Campaigns: Good campaigns are becoming more sustainable year after year. Many campaigns become long-term programmes

4. While everyone talks about Mobile - Google demonstrates the next form of computing

[caption id="attachment_680" align="aligncenter" width="502"]Sergey Brin & The Glass Project - Photo by TechCrunch Sergey Brin & The Glass Project - Photo by TechCrunch[/caption]

The big sensation at this years Google Developer conference IO 2012 was the demo of the glass project. TechCrunch has a good post about why Project Glass is the future of Google. Venture Beat has some good quotes and explanations  why G+ is the natural extension of Project Glass and how that together will be a game-changer.

The natural extension of Google Glass is Google+. It’s a way to connect Glass to all the other people in your life, and all the other places you want to keep and store information
When that type of omnipresent wearable computing becomes commonplace, you’re going to be looking to whomever provides that experience to give you a place to plug it into, ... Glass, as a mass market product at a price point most people can afford, and tied to a social network of really beautiful apps for sharing — that’s what going to be a game-changer.