By engagement you mean wasting time?

Over the last 2 years, the amount of time spent on a specific website, service or social media platform has become one of the most discussed metrics among marketers. Along with "time spent on site" -  "engagement" has become one of the most inflationary used buzzword among marketers.

The more engagement the better, that's the impression you get when talking to many  marketers these days.

But is that really true? No, in fact it's quite often the exact opposite.

People flock to social media services to engage with their friends - not your brand. Instead of hunting for engagement for the sake of engagement, brands should start to focus stronger on how to make their social activities more useful. Being useful is about solving problems. And the faster  the better.

Looking at facebook pages and twitter profiles of brands these days, I get the feeling that quite some brands have lost the focus on this true potential of social technology.

Today's rant was inspired by this fantastic post by Tim O'Reilly on why Google is in danger of becoming the next Yahoo!