Connecting to your kids on Social Media can be awkward

Long gone are the days when Social Media was just for the kids. In more and more families, up to three generations use facebook, twitter & co. American brand engagement company GRM polled around 1'000 moms and kids to find out how social tools are being used to connect within families.

Here's what I find the most interesting insights:

1. Moms love to connect with their kids. But not necessarily vice versa 

I'l definitely accept a friend request: Kids: 43% / Moms: 76%

2. If mom's a friend, kids don't post everything they would like to

Yes! I hid things from my parents/kids online? Kids: 66% / Moms: 34%

3. Kids are more shy to use public messaging to moms than vice versa

Do you use public messaging to communicate with each other: Kids: 16% / Moms: 29%

So moms, before sending off that friend request to your kids, it might as well be a good idea to ask them if they prefer another channel to connect with you. Find the full infographic below.

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