McDonalds launches Mobile Customer Relationship Management Program

500 - 600 McDonalds Restaurants across northern California and the US Midwest are launching an interesting integrated mobile Customer Relationship Management program. The core of the initiative is a clever App by Mowingo, that consumers download on their Smartphone.

Understanding customers’ eating & buying patterns

The app delivers data about how customers visit and eat at McDonalds restaurants. How often do they come to a specific restaurant, what are they buying? What are the patterns underlying these habits? Many local businesses – including McDonals restaurants – could not fully answer these questions until now.

Better ROI based on data driven personlized loyalty rewards:

Based on the insights from the app, restaurants can now launch and send personalized offers & loyalty rewards direcly onto the smartphone screens of their customers. Personalization in this context is not just a nice feature – it boosts Return on Investment. Some customers always react to lower value coupons while others need more incentive, the app can be used to target coupons accordingly.

And here’s what really turns he App into an integated CRM system. Mowingo automatically matches up all vouchers delivered through the app with the point-of-sale system. This way daily ROI reportings are just one click away. Neat.

Making the customer an insider

Besides getting coupons and free stuff, the real cool thing about the app is, that it empowers consumers as much as businesses. Also, the app is not a McDonalds application only, but works for various brands. As Mowingo writes:

App users can build their own virtual shopping mall featuring the merchants they do business with and enabling them to receive push notifications from these merchants.

By doing so „it turns customers in insiders in the places they love.“

Loyalty rewarding programs are an obvious start. But of course there’s many more ways McDonalds can be using this mobile CRM to communicate with its customers. It will be interesting to follow what McDonalds is doing with it.

Story via Mobile Commerce Daily


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