Milestone: US users now spend more time on Facebook Mobile than the Browser version

In 2010 Morgan Stanley predicted: "The Mobile will be bigger than the Desktop in 5 years."

Well, time flies faster as those witty Analysts could have predicted. At least for Facebook. As Techcrunch based on ComScore data reports, the time spent on Facebook’s mobile site and apps per month (441 minutes) has just surpassed usage of its classic website (391 minutes). In fact 80% of time spent on Facebook now happens through the App or mobile Browser version.

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As Techcrunch highlights, this is putting pressure on Facebook to better monetize the mobile user. As of now, the company is only serving a few ads per day in its mobile version, compared to multiple ads per page in the browser version.

Whereas this is a problem for Facebook, I think we are seeing a unique window of opportunity for brands.

But only for those brands who quickly manage to figure out how to connect to and engage the mobile user via the newsfeed. These brands are going to be best positioned for the mobile web marketing age, that just knocked on our door. My main advice: Don't wait for facebook to launch new mobile avdertising and marketing features. The best tools are already available - and they're free: Your Status Update along with Photo and Video Sharing.

"Hey, where are you? What are you up to?" This is usually the first question we ask someone we're calling on its mobile phone. Why? Because location & context matters. It does for every conversation. When we call someone on their mobile phone, this is intuitively clear to us.

It is however, still not clear to many social marketers. Looking at posts on brand pages I get the impression that many marketers are still picturing their audience in front of a Computer, looking for their beautifully customized brand page. Forget that. Your audience is somewhere out there, busy doing something. Riding a bus, sitting on a toilet or lining up in a supermarket. Keep that in mind when writing your next update. There's a million context related opportunities to start a conversation.

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