Why Social CEO’s make their business more competitive

IBM has just published the results of a very interesting study looking at the future of the CEO. The big takeaway:

Companies with social CEO’s (read: CEO’s that use social tools themselves) are more adaptive and agile.

Why? Because it’s usually the CEO and its executive team that set the cultural tone in an organization. And CEOs that use social technology are implicitly promoting openness & participation. Two factors that organizations who outperform other market players, regularly identify as critical success factors.

Under the umbrella „leading through connection“ (I sure like that) - IBM launched a very content and insights rich portal about the study, that is worth your online time.

IBM once again shows that they know how to get their online audiences engaged with its thought leadership.

Make sure you watch the below Interview with Shell CEO Peter Voser. He’s talking about a case in his organization, that highlights how true IBM’s punchline is:

„Given the right environment, every employee is an innovator“

via Forbes.
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