Why Twitter is better for building Brand Connections than Facebook

After announcing their global music partnership with Pepsi, Twitter just announced another really interesting brand partnership. Twitter partners with ESPN to create custom events around sports events. The first program is called Game Faces and is centered on the NBA Finals. It will be promoted on Twitter with the #GameFace hashtag.

Looking at these longterm partnerships, one thing becomes clear: Twitter is most certainly a better brand platform than facebook. I see two main reasons fort hat:

1. Twitter focuses on brand partnerships that add value to existing engagement

As a start, twitter monitors closely what their users are highly engaged about, and it then proactively selects brand partnerships that can add real value to these topical engagements. That alone creates a completely different basis for building brand connections, than what brands usually find on Facebook: People who are mainly interested in their friends – and no way to non-intrusively connect with them.

2. The very nature of Twitter creates a better platform for building brand connections

There are several essential differences in the way twitter and facebook work. Each of them has an impact on the service as a platform to build brand connections.

Inspired by B.L. Och's post I stumbled upon this morning.